Monday, September 18, 2006

Chayalei Tzahal



  1. You chose a provocative song as background for your video. This was the theme song for the movie of the same name. (Shtei Etzbaot Mi'Sidon) The movie was written as a protest for the first Lebanon war in 1982.

    By using this song, I assume that you are opposed to the 2006 war. If you are not opposed to the war, you must change the song.

    When our enemies come to kill us, we are required to take arms and protect ourselves and our family.

    Hizballah sent missiles from the north. They don't understand that that is the weak side. They can only attack with their left hand. Hashem, however, fights with his right hand. And he will come to our rescue.

    If it matters, in an interview during the war, the author of the above mentioned movie said that he was in favor of the last war, as it was a war of defense.

    The Rebbe

  2. good point rebbe but I didn't make the video, and in this context the song isn't in opposition really

  3. Hashem knows your innermost thoughts. The viewers of this video don't.

    You should be aware that what is trief is trief. It is impure. What does the Torah call a treif animal? An impure animal. A kosher animal is a pure animal.

    This song wreaks of impurity. It was written in defiance of Hashem and his holy Torah. It brought rift amongst Israelis. It brought hatred, 'sinat chinam'. The war that it is now used to depict is a direct concequence of the 'sinat chinam' that this song helped to ferment.

    We must raise ourselves to higher levels of spirituality in order to bring peace to Israel. We can do this by adopting the attribute of Avraham Avinu (our father), Love.
    If we treat our brothers and sisters with the love that we have for our familiy (Ve'ahavta lereacha kamocha - love your fellow Jew as yourself), we can do this.

    Obviously, since you did not make the video, you are not responsible for the song being used.

    But, please understand that the song is evil, as beautiful as the song is, as relevant as it may be to this video.

    The Rebbe

  4. I appreciate your sincerity and passion and I would not have put up the video had I been paying more attention