Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ron Paul's Bound To Lose

Via Something and Half of Something


  1. I hope he doesnt lose but I have predicted Hillarys win that will ruin the rest of the US as well as its interests.A democratic platform will stifle America back to the 1970s as a return to Billisms.Im so sick of this division and wish Ron could have run on a different ticket but you have to follow current procedures in which if he is elected will change and get back to constitutional beliefs and practices.Are you not tired of this ping pong effect of parties divisional attitudes?Americas complacency of a do nothing country is slowly eroding our infrastructure private public and govermental.Ron Pauls deeds speak for themselves and no one else running comes close.Hillary would be ruin and Obama would most likely be shot due to illiterate citizens still living in the 1950s.Vote for Ron,it seems we have a slim chance but slim is better than we have had which was none before.

  2. ron paul is not running against hillary, he's running against the republican candidates, each of which is far better suited than the pathetic disgrace that is the Ron Paul candidacy

    ron paul's conspiracy mongering and bigotry do indeed speak for themselves