Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Video of Israeli Policeman Heroically Shooting Palestinian Arab Suicide Bomber

Had he failed to do so, the terrorist might well have killed still more people.

And Lisa Goldman can please shut her whining little yap. Thank you very much.


  1. Anonymous1:41 AM

    How do you reckon that Lisa Goldman was whining?

  2. boo hoo, we've got violence on tv and we're glorifying in it, is whining where i come from

  3. Anonymous6:43 AM

    It's more than just violence, though. It's not like she was complaining that we've got too many Terminator films on television. It was an actual shooting being shown over and over again. I felt the same repulsion last night, when they kept showing the bloodstained piece of pavement where two brothers were very badly injured by a kassam rocket. I think she was lamenting the fact that we've become so desensitized that things that would once have shocked us are now normal fare.

  4. This isn't about too many Terminator movies. It's the same complaint when the 9/11 attacks were shown "too many times"

    "How did we get to this point? How did we regress to the point of broadcasting the killing of a man so offhandedly, without even a warning that people with sensitive stomachs should distance themselves from the screen? Warnings? Who cares. Look at how the bullets are turning him into a pulp! And to hell with delicate stomachs and respect for the dead no matter who they might be, including animals.

    And that’s before we even talked about the Catch-22 that accompanied the confirmation of the killing. Before some leftist lawyer could figure out what was happening, Police Officer Kobi Mor was already given a promotion. He stripped off his windbreaker, was outfitted in a properly ironed uniform and placed in front of the cameras. And everyone saluted."

  5. Anonymous1:39 AM

    I find it to be similar to the abortion issue. People are repulsed by images of aborted fetus'and cry foul when they are forced to look at it, yet it is a reality that needs to end. I don't mean to go on a tangent but I think it is relative...